Aluminum iPhone 5 with Bigger Display, Little Thicker iPad 3 with Better Resolution and Thinner MacBook Pro ?

By  at Friday, November 18, 2011  

There have been many rumors about the new iPad and iPhone with many minor to major changes such as a longer and thinner iPhone and an iPad with a better resolution. Today, iLounge has reported that there are many expected body changes in the new iPhone, iPad and the MacBook Pro.

According to their report, the new iPad will be released in the March and it will have a better resolution as compared to the previous one. However, it will be slightly thicker (about 0.7mm) as compare to the former iPad2.And probably, the third generation iPad will be shown publicly by the start of January.
The new iPhone will be introduced in the summer of 2012. It will feature a 4.0” long Aluminium metal body which is about 8mm longer than the former iPhone 4S. it will be just like the Prototype design as rumored earlier. However, it will be an entirely new iPhone.

This report has also something for the MacBook users; the new MacBook will be thinner and probably will get a new design as well.

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