Add Beautiful Pre-made Settings Shortcut on iPhone Homescreen

By  at Monday, November 21, 2011  

App icon Project was an app which was introduced in App store for those users who don't have Jailbroken iDevice, to add settings shortcuts on homescreen . Today, Folks over razorianfly in collaboration with designer, Jeff Broderick has released many great settings icons to make your iPhone more beautiful. These icons are actually just like SBsetttings icons but looks very great as compared to them.

To add these beautiful go to this link on your iPhone, A page will be opened showing all these beautiful shortcuts. Just tap on an icon and copy it on your iPhone Homescreen. For now, only 11 icons are available but these are mostly using icons and besides this looks very great on iPhone.

These are actually the toggles just like we have on Jailbroken iPhone. But when you will tap on any icon a black screen when be shown before going to that path. The best part is that after adding icons online one time, you can get those icons offline afterwards.
What do you think about this icons and shortcuts? let us know in the comments section.

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