Ac1dsn0w Jailbreak is illegal [Warning]

By  at Sunday, November 27, 2011  

Earlier today, we post a tutorial to jailbreak your iDevice using Ac1dsn0w. Ac1dsn0w is another jailbreak tool developed by the PwnDevteam which lets you to jailbreak all iDevices except iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Although it is a tethered jailbreak but it is easier than the previous jailbreak tools.

We have just got that this tool is using Apple’s code so it is illegal to use this tool. Musclenerd has just posted explained this problem on a forum.

So if you jailbroke your device using Ac1dsn0w, What to do now ?

Nothing to do, you are safe. Ac1dsn0w won't harm your iDevice, but is only using an illegal code which prevents us to put its download links in our blog to avoid violation of copy rights.

The PwnDev-team isn’t as active as the chronic dev team but still they guys are much popular. But Musclenerd has clearly explained that PwnDevteam has embedded the Apple’s code in Ac1dsn0w and hosting this app may lead to DMCA takedowns so we have removed the download links until they fix this issue.

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