Will You Have To Pay To Use Facebook ?

By  at Saturday, October 01, 2011  

Suddenly every body talking about that Facebook will charge people to use Facebook. Despite Facebook is clearly announcing that its service is “free and always will be” on its homepage .This clear announcement of Facebook didn’t stop rumors of talking about charge on Facebook users to use it.
Now we want to know why this prediction has come to headlines , if we return back to any social network or messenger and so on , we will remember a message came from a friend says that this service won’t be free of charge any more and the only way to save your account unpaid is to spread this message to all your friends . This kind of messages has the ability to spread to reach million of users as the user of this service will be afraid to lose his free of charge service and pay to use it .

Rumors suggested that Facebook is taking this step on the upcoming new profiles because of the crowd on the site and to make profits. But the question we will ask is why Facebook won’t do this step ?
The answer of this question has been answered by Mashable , as Facebook mainly depends on Facebook Ads to get money and this Ads depends on the huge number of Facebook users , so Facebook doesn't want to lose users.

According to Mashable :

Of course, Facebook is in business to make money. Beyond advertising, it has found ways to profit directly from its users through Facebook Credits, a form of currency that can be used on the site in social games like FarmVille and Mafia Wars.
In the future, we expect Facebook to find additional ways to monetize. The company could grow its credit system to become a rival to PayPal. We could also see Facebook extending its ad platform beyond the social network itself and onto the wider Web — in order to compete with Google’s AdSense.
Coming days will prove that we are right or wrong.

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