Why Apple didn’t Release iPhone With LTE Support

By  at Wednesday, October 05, 2011  

A lot of iPhone fans expected that the new Apple's smart phone will support LTE but after the event all this dreams have gone . The new iPhone 4S doesn’t support LTE and this disappointed a lot of people as they waited a different iPhone . Why iPhone 4S doesn't support LTE , this article will give you the answer.

Screen Shot 2011-10-04 at 5.19.36 PM_575pxFor along time reached to months there was a lot of rumors about how will be the iPhone 5 ,and will it be iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S .A main rumor was that new iPhone will support LTE. Apple didn’t succeed to make iPhones 4S with LTE support because of fitting the existing 45nm iPhone 4 internals (not to mention a larger, more power hungry 45nm A5 SoC) with a small size and an effective battery life wasn’t applicable.

The iPhone 4 PCB is already incredibly small, not leaving any room for an extra chip to enable LTE without shrinking the size of the battery (or increasing the thickness of the phone to accomodate both a larger PCB and a big battery). Today, Qualcomm is a leading provider of LTE baseband silicon and unfortunately they don't ship any baseband hardware that supports both LTE and voice (over 1x/WCDMA) without extra silicon. In order to support both you need to be using something Qualcomm calls SoC Fusion. By leveraging a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC in combination with Qualcomm's MDM9600 LTE modem you can deliver both voice and LTE data. Otherwise the MDM9600 is only good for data, which is admittedly useful in things like USB modems or MiFis. Apple obviously doesn't use Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs so enabling LTE on the iPhone isn't possible using Qualcomm baseband unless you make the phone's PCB larger (which Apple obviously wasn't going to do). Note that no one else seems to deliver a single chip LTE + 1x/WCDMA voice solution either, so this isn't just a Qualcomm limitation.

It is expected that the next iPhone will support LTE but not before the third quarter of 2012 . 


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