Unlock iPhone 4S - Gevey SIM / Ultrasn0w - 1.0.11 Baseband - Possibility

By  at Monday, October 17, 2011  

Can I Unlock iPhone 4S with Gevey SIM or Ultrasn0w on iOS 5 - 1.0.11 baseband? We at Limera1n blog are being asked this question daily since the announcement of iPhone 4S in Apple's "Let's Talk iPhone" event. So we gonna make the situation clear in this post.

Can I unlock iPhone 4S with Gevey SIM on iOS 5 Baseband 1.0.11?

Unlock iPhone 4S with Gevey SIM on iOS 5 is not possible with any version of Gevey SIM (Standard, Pro, Ultra or etc.), iPhone 4S baseband 1.0.11 is not supported by Gevey SIM. So far, Gevey SIM is only compatible with iPhone 4 on some basebands. But according to our sources that Gevey SIM which will able to unlock iPhone 4S may come the next month. The source also confirmed that Gevey SIM will unlock iPhone 4 running iOS 5 on 4.11.08 baseband.

Can I unlock iPhone 4S with Ultrasn0w on iOS 5 Baseband 1.0.11?

Unfortunately, unlock iPhone 4S with ultrasn0w is not possible too, as ultrasn0w only support some basebands on iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. No one of iPhone hackers announced about any updated version of ultrasn0w. By the way you have to know that finding an exploit to ulock iPhone 4S became more difficult.

But who knows, we may hear news in the next few weeks after hackers perform their hacks and trails on iPhone 4S.

Update: Now you can make iPhone official factory unlock, you can check the details from here 

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