Siri on iPhone 4 Coming Soon

By  at Friday, October 14, 2011  

Siri on iPhone 4. Following our previous story about porting Siri on iPhone 4, now iH8sn0w, the well-know iPhone hacker and the guy behind the famous Sn0wbreeze jailbreak, has just confirmed on his Twitter account that Siri on iPhone 4 is coming soon.

What is Siri ?

Siri is the iPhone 4S exclusive feature that allows users to control their iPhone 4S with voice. Instead of just dictating a message to your iPhone , you can ask your iPhone to do stuff for you. Siri is taking actions based on what you say and Siri not limited to a small set of specific keywords to do what you ask.

How Does Siri Work ?

Siri on iPhone 4 :

As we reported you earlier that @iH8sn0w and @Gojohnnyboi are the hackers who will port Siri on iPhone 4. It seems they are investigating a major achievement in this task. Thanks guys

Excellent news. Siri is not just compiled specifically for the A5 (s5l8940x) processor. Thanks @Gojohnnyboi :)

Siri on iPhone 4 Release Time :

As we told you above that their is a significant progress on porting Siri on iPhone 4, but the hackers didn't announce about any release date so far, but it looks imminent. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to be aware with all new updates about Siri on iPhone 4.

Update 1: Siri ported successfully to iPhone 4, you can see it's video - Click Here.

Update 2: Siri will come to all devices running iOS 5 - Click Here.

Update 3: Siri connected to Apple's Servers successfully - Here's iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G Video - Click Here

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