Samsung To Avoid Patent Wars In Galaxy Nexus Design

By  at Wednesday, October 19, 2011  

Galaxy Nexus has been released yesterday by Samsung and has made a lot of work in the design of the new smart phone to avoid Apple’s patent war and it seems that they got the lesson from the patent war with Galaxy tab 10.1 and Galaxy tab 7.1 which suffered a lot of legal problems with iPad .

60981-500Samsung has admitted that the new Galaxy Nexus was designed specifically with bypassing Apple patents in mind, mobile president Shin Jong-kyun saying that the company “will avoid everything we can.” Talking to Yohhap News, Shin said Samsung “take patents very seriously” but due to the complexity of intellectual property there was no guarantee that the Galaxy Nexus would be immune from ligitation.

“We will see if [the new phone] will be 100 percent free” he conceded, describing the ongoing legal saga between Samsung and Apple as “just the start” of a lengthy and unrewarding process. “I don’t think there is much gain” Shin admitted, “what we are losing is the pride in our brand.” That hasn’t stopped Samsung from attempting to fight back, filing motions for preliminary injunctions against the new iPhone 4S in

In the history between Apple and Samsung Apple has won a lot of patents which caused a lot of troubles to Samsung but do you think that Apple would enter this war again with Galaxy Nexus or Samsung didn’t give the chance in the Galaxy Nexus design ?


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