New More Powerful Apple TV Model References Found in iOS 5

By  at Saturday, October 08, 2011  

A lot of rumors predicted that Apple will release a new Apple TV with the release of the new Apple’s Smart phone IPhone 4S , which wasn’t the expected one but iPhone 5 . 9to5Mac has found a code string in iOS 5 , a new AppleTV3,1 is in the works.


We’ve been hoping for a new Apple TV since Apple began transitioning its iOS device lineup to dual-core A5 processors, and we now have some compelling evidence for a next-generation Apple TV being in the works. Deep inside the iOS 5 file system is a reference to a Apple TV 3,1. This would be an upgrade from the current Apple TV’s 2,1 marking. The number changing from 2 to 3 represents major changes, and with the Apple TV recently gaining a fully re-designed case, we expect this upgrade to mainly consist of internal changes.

In the time Apple moving forward to make a Phone with a full HD 1080p capability and Airplay mirroring it wouldn’t be hard to introduce a new Apple TV in presence of A5 CPU .


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