iPhone 4S VS. Canon 500D/T1i See the Difference In Quality [Video]

By  at Saturday, October 15, 2011  

In this post we will make a comparison between iPhone 4S video quality and canon 500D , a video by digital camera beginner will show the difference between two videos and you will see the difference clearly.


For your everyday video shooter, the iPhone 4S is actually the best option in our opinion. The video above, at 1080p, shows it to be sharper and better exposed (try reading the text on the poster behind the two men in both shots). Digital SLRs are great for creating expensive-looking cinematic video, but they all suffer from focusing issues that make them less user-friendly than both the iPhone 4S or a dedicated video camera.

The iPhone 4S is also easily hooked up to an external mic, a feature that most mid-range consumer DSLRs (including the 500D) lack.

Here is the video :

Now you can judge.

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