iPhone 4S Details Leaked In iTunes 10.5 Beta 9

By  at Sunday, October 02, 2011  

We know that Apple is going to announce new iPhone on October 4. However, it looks like an iPhone 4S release is possible as well beside the iPhone 5. Details of the iPhone 4S have been uncovered in the latest iTunes 10.5 beta 9 that was seeded to developers day before yesterday.

iTunes 10.5 beta 9 displays only two iPhone 4S models whereas four iPhone 4 models are displayed. This confirms that the iPhone 4S is going to be a dual-band smartphone, and not separate GSM and CDMA smartphones. The iPhone 4S will support both networks at once.
Along with the new iPhone name of “iPhone 4S” comes an image, and it is of a CDMA iPhone 4. Unless Apple still has the CDMA iPhone 4 as a placeholder image until the new iPhone is announced, we’re fairly confident that the iPhone 4S will pack the CDMA iPhone design
If we completely believe in what iTunes tells us, then there is a possibility that we won't see a completely redesigned iPhone 5 at all. Apple would just release iPhone 4S, which is going to be a minor refresh of the iPhone 4. However, we can't be totally certain despite all of the contradicting evidence. The best bet at the moment is to wait for less than two days, as on October 4, Apple will finally unveil its next generation iPhone.


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