Ice Cream Sandwich Face Unlock Review [video]

By  at Wednesday, October 19, 2011  

Ice cream sandwich is the new Android software version and it has awesome features , one of these features we will introduce in this post is face unlock which enable you to unlock your phone with the sign of your face , see the video made by Engadget.


When Matias Duarte tried to unlock his Nexus Galaxy on-stage at today's Samsung event things didn't go so well. Some combination of his makeup and the lighting conspired to keep him from getting into his device, but after spending a little time with one ourselves we can confirm that it does indeed work -- and quickly. To program the feature, go into the settings and it'll train itself to recognize your mug. As it locks in a ring of circles frames your face and, hey presto, it's ready. After that you set up a backup form of identification and you're good to go.

Do you think this feature would be a good one to compare to the awesome Siri voice assistant ? We think every feature is different from each other but here comes the creativity from each OS and we are the winners any way .


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