Find Out your Sleeping Graph With Zeo Sleep Manager - Mobile

By  at Tuesday, October 04, 2011  

This is a great Application Accessory which give you an awesome information about your sleeping periods and  how much you spend your time in sleeping and when you about to sleep.This App enables you to track the quality of your sleep on your smart phone .


Like their older system , Zeo’s new Sleep Manager Mobile track your sleeping analysis using a transmitter that transmit some waves into your head and detect your head transmitted rays by a receiver and sends it to your iPhone which displays it.This Zeo Sleep manager Mobile works for both iOS and Android systems.

The Sleep Manager tracks brainwaves through the headband and can tell whether you’re awake, sleeping lightly, heavily or in REM sleep; then the device sends the data in real time to your iPhone through a Bluetooth connection. We’ve been messing about with the older system (it sends data to a clock-like base unit that displays the info on its own monochrome LCD screen) and it’s an uncanny experience to see my sleep patterns mapped out in front of me.

The Sleep Manager Mobile is available for preorder now for  $99.


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