Change The Look Of Your iPhone 4S And Get Your Desired Color

By  at Sunday, October 16, 2011  

ColorWar has announced that it will add the same feature of iPhone 4 and give you the opportunity to change the look of your iPhone 4S , it will customize your iPhone 4s as you want just for $250 .This feature is  awesome as you will get your preferred color on your phone and you don’t have to be forced to choose between original phone color.


The fastest, most sought after iPhone™ now has the color options you've been hoping for. ColorWare offers the chance to customize your iPhone™ 4S in a large range of eye-catching colors.

The easy to use ColorWare design studio will allow you to customize the back, the front frame, front button, earbuds, and even the SIM card tray.

Your iPhone™ 4S can handle all of your needs with FaceTime, multitasking, HD video, an exceptional camera, and now it comes in any color. You can choose your favorite or create hundreds of color combinations to make the iPhone™ unique to you.

Some examples of Modified phones :



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