Adobe Will Conduct Special Event During iPhone 5 Announcement

By  at Sunday, October 02, 2011  

We're very excited about Tuesday because Apple will be announcing the next generation iPhone. However, there is going to be another event on the same day at the same time. Adobe is going to conduct a special event on the same time as new iPhone release event.

New York Times reports that Adobe will conduct the event at 10 am pacific time, exactly the same time when Apple CEO Tim Cook will take the stage to unveil Apple's upcoming iPhone.

As far as the Adobe event is concerned, they are going to reveal new user experiences relating to apps and browsers. It just might be coincidence that there event has clashed with Apple's event, though its quite obviously that almost every person, reporter and blogger is going to be more interested in Apple's new iPhone than Adobe's user experiences.

This event happens to be a part of Adobe Max conference which has been going on a whole week and it is possible that this event was probably scheduled before Apple had even announced they were going to hold iPhone 5 event on October 4.

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