Your Christmas Gift By Apple

By  at Monday, September 05, 2011  

Yes, you are likely to get a Christmas gift by Apple this year with the release of brand new iPhone 5. There have been numerous rumors about the release date of iPhone 5 and to be honest this rumor provided by suppliers of Apple products in Taiwan seems to be trustworthy because according to the latest stats Apple suppliers are now working on the production of 25 million units of iPhone 5.

The main reason due to which we can trust this rumor is that the production of previous iPhone units has reduced in the second half of this year.

Orders for the production of iPhone5 have increased by 12 to 13% whereas the production of Iphone3 and 3GS has dramatically reduced to only 8 million units from 20 million units.

So this rumor from the suppliers clearly indicates that we could really get a Christmas gift from Apple in the form of iPhone5.

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