Sprint Announces Black Out Prior To Alleged iPhone 5 Launch

By  at Saturday, September 10, 2011  

September is finally here and is whizzing by pretty quickly. Rumours regarding the iPhone 5 are off the charts and now we are hearing with pictorial proof that Sprint is going to black out two whole weeks due to a major phone launch, which is allegedly going to be the iPhone 5 on Sprint.

Previously it was rumoured that Apple will release iPhone 5 in September. However the first 10 days of September have already passed without any indication of a new iPhone release by Apple. Recent rumours have pegged the iPhone 5 release date on October 21st and further rumours are increasingly solidifying this claim.

We had also heard the possibility of an iPhone 5 on Sprint's CDMA network. Sprint is the third largest mobile network in the USA and will also be the third network in USA to offer iPhone through its retail network. It is a huge possibility that Sprint iPhone 5 will have unlimited data plan.

The above memo that you see has allegedly been grabbed from the internal system of Sprint Nextel. The memo clearly shows that the company has blacked out holidays for employees due to the possibility of a major phone launch. Now what could be more major than the iPhone 5 release right?


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