Samsung offers Apple a deal to Begin Galaxy Tab 10.1 launch in Australia

By  at Friday, September 30, 2011  

Samsung has offered Apple a mysterious deal which will allow Samsung to begin sales of Galaxy tab 10.1 in Australia , this deal could save Samsung and it’s Galaxy tab from being just a story in the history as Apple won a temporarily ban of Samsung Galaxy 10.1 in Australia as we reported few days ago.This step from Samsung may considered a weak position for Samsung in this war but may be they see that’s a smart move as they want Galaxy tab 10.1 to see the day light.
According to The Wall Street Journal :

It wasn’t clear what benefit Apple would gain from any agreement, as details of the proposed deal were not discussed in full in front of the court. But Apple’s attorney, Stephen Burley, conceded there was some potential benefit from an agreement on the matter. “(Samsung’s) inconvenience would be diminished and we would be comforted” by such a deal, he said.
Justice Annabelle Bennett said that the proposed deal wouldn’t give Samsung the satisfaction of a final answer to the dispute, but Mr. Catterns said it would at least allow the company to sell its new tablet computer ahead of the crucial Christmas sales period.
We are not sure that Apple will make this deal with Samsung after all this lawsuits but what about being a winner ? , in your opinion if Apple banned the Galaxy tab in Australia will this increase the sales of iPad , or Samsung will success to convince Apple to have a mutual benefit or Apple intends to kill Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 ? the answer will be clear in the upcoming days.

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