Restore to Custom Firmware IPSW without iTunes - Coming Soon

By  at Saturday, September 24, 2011  

Notcom, the well-know iPhone, iPod and iPad developer and the guy behind the famous application, TinyUmbrella, has announced few months ago that he is working on a new tool called TinyPwn that allows iPhone, iPod and iPad users to restore their devices to custom firmwares without iTunes. Today, notcom has confirmed on his Twitter account that TinyPwn has been finished and he is few steps away from releasing TimyPwn.

Notcom mentioned on his tweet that he finally started porting the pwnage 2.0 code into TinyPwn, moreover, notcom has successfully support limera1n exploit in Tinypwn. The main value-added by TinyPwn is to avoid or bypass iTunes errors that user may face when he restore his device to a custom (per-jailbroken) firmware cooked by PwnageTool or Sn0wbreeze.

FINALLY started porting the pwnage 2.0 code… TinyPwn will be fun when it is finally finished. limera1n support is done.
Earlier notes about TinyPwn
TinyPwn is still in progress, I have the TU rewrite based on the examination and TinyPwn codebase. As I move forward it is looking more and more like They Both will do the Same Thing. I’m Still Deciding If They Should, in fact, be two separate apps. We’ll see. I’m open for suggestions from you guys though.
Why we use custom (per-jailbroken) firmware :

Custom ipsw firmware is a per-jailbroken firmware, precisely, we put the iOS ipsw file into Pwnagetool or sn0wbreeze to jailbreak it before installing to our devices. Pre-jailbroken ipsw firmware is valuable for iPhone users who rely on unlock as custom ipsw firmware preserve the unlockable baseband so they can unlock there devices using ultrasn0w.

Notcom didn't announce release date for his tool so far, but it looks imminent. Stay tuned.

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