PhoneItiPad for iPad 2 to Convert iPad 2 to iPhone to Make Calls / Send SMS - Coming Soon

By  at Saturday, September 03, 2011  

Remember PhoneItiPad Cydia tweak which has been developed by the Egyptian team , iPhoneIsalm. For who don't know, PhoneItiPad the only app that able to convert your iPad 3G to fully functional iPhone. Precisely, PhoneItiPad let iPad make calls send SMSes and more. PhoneItiPad is only available for iPad 1 so far. The interesting news is that iPhoneIsalm team is now working on PhoneItiPad for iPad 2 (3G).

Here's the email iPhoneIslam sent to us :
This is iTarek from iPhoneIslam Team, I know everybody waiting PhoneItiPad for iPad2 , we working hard on that but it is not easy we hope to have beta soon and we will email you about it when it ready.
According to iPhoneIslam, they are going to release a beta version soon. So if you wanna get PhoneItiPad on your iPad 2, you have to jailbreak your iPad 2, you can easly follow our guides for 4.3.5, , 4.3.2, 4.3.1, 4.3 or go to our Jailbreak Wizard.

Here's How PhoneItiPad for iPad 2 will look like :

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