Next Version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, Releasing in October or November

By  at Friday, September 09, 2011  

There were already rumors around that the next version of Android which is named is Ice Cream Sandwich will be arriving to the smart phones at the end of this year. But yesterday, Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt, made an announcement during a question and answer session at Dreamforce 2011' conference that they have a new Android operating system which is being called an ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ will be released in October or November.

Icecream Sandwich is to represent how Android was developed by merging its smartphone counterpart(Gingerbread) and its tablet flavor known as honeycomb. Last month there were a few shots of icecream sandwich running on Nexus S been launched . And its release might be accompanied by a successor to the Google’s Nexus s Which is named as Nexus prime ,which is expected to run a more faster processor and an improved HD display.

Eric was also of the view that about half a million Android devices are being produced each and everyday and this number has dubbed during a span of around 4-5 month and if this continues to happen ,phones might fill out the whole planet. He further added that the growth is expected to get slower as there are so many people who would want to use a smart phone.

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