Major Redsn0w Updates and Features within Few Hours [Pictures]

By  at Saturday, September 17, 2011  

MuscleNerd has announced some interesting news today on his Twitter account. He just confirmed that iPhone Dev-team is about to release new Redsn0w with major updates.

As you can see in the screen-shots of the private version of redsn0w that we have new buttons. In the welcome screen, Redsn0w will ask you "Jailbreak" or "Extras". MuscleNerd is showing us some of the menus under "Extras" button.

One of the interesting updates is that Redsn0w will automatically fetch the important pieces / files directly from Apple and then caches them so that it never needs to re-fetch them again, precisely there will no need to select of refer to ipsw selection, however, you still have the option in Redsn0w to select ipsw manually in case you don't have internet connection or in iOS beta cases. Moreover, Redn0w will detect the best available solution for your iDevice (tethered or untethered).

In the screen shots you may notice that Redsn0w has a version no 0.9.8b5_p8, this won't be the public version "p" is referring to private version for MusclNerd and his Dev-team.

New Redsn0w will let you able to Verify / Submit your SHSH blobs to Cydia server which means that Dev-team was able to merge TinyUmbrella features into Redsn0w, that's great. MuscleNerd didn't navigate the "Jailbreak" button so far, likely he will surprise us with major new feature as well.

When Redns0w with its major updates release ?

MuscleNerd confirmed that he will release Redns0w before his journey to Korea on Monday, so that Redsn0w will be released within the next few hours.

Thanks for iPhone Dev-team for the hard work :)

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