LG Resolves Quality Issues with iPad 2 Display Production

By  at Friday, September 09, 2011  

After the Apple experienced quality issues with LG displays, it then shifted orders for iPad from last month. The issues were related to unbearable high number of panels failing drop testing.

According to Digitimes report, iPad 2 display panels have returned to LG Display because now the issues have been resolved. It is reported that in August, 4 million panels are produced.
"LG Display (LGD) has seen its LCD panel shipments for Apple's iPad 2 return to previous levels after solving quality issues, industry sources said. Its shipments of 9.7-inch iPad 2 panels went back up to four million units in August, and will stay at a similar level in September 2011, the sources added.

LGD's shipments of iPad 2 panels declined siginificantly to 2.5-2.6 million unuits in July from the previous monthly volume of about four million units due to problems with the backlight units (BLUs), prompting Apple to source more from Samsung Electronics and Chimei Innnolux (CMI), the source said."
The industry sources said that after solving quality issues, LGD has seen its LCD panel shipments to return to pervious level for Apple’s iPad. In August, its shipments went back to four million units of 9.7-inch iPad 2 panels and will remain at same level in September 2011.

This quarter, 12-15 million of shipments of iPad 2 units are expected to see.

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