iPhone 5 / 4S Seeing Production Delays?

By  at Friday, September 16, 2011  

According to recent rumors that Apple is producing a cheaper version of iPhone 4 with huge numbers. 9to5mac noted that Apple is experiencing productions delay with iPhone 5, consecuentley this could result in shortages at launch.

We've heard the low-end model, which is essentially an iPhone 4 look-alike (glass front and back), is rolling off the assembly line in big numbers right now. Apple expects to have 10+ million of these things on hand for launch and full ramped production into the holiday shopping season. These will be priced aggressively and be everywhere. They will also be offered in both prepaid and post paid plans (this is a big deal – more to come on that).

But there is some bad news… It appears that the tear-drop shaped iPhone 5 with larger screen and thinner, rounder body is seeing continued design and production delays, at least on one assembly line (Apple has multiple production sources – Pegatron, Foxconn, etc). We therefore think that iPhone 5 will be delayed slightly at the very least and may see shortages all the way into 2012.
So, if you wanna be from the first generation who will get iPhone 5 in their hands you have to order iPhone 5 in the first hours of its release or pre-orders availability.
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