iOS 5 GM Releases Sept 23rd - iOS 5 Beta 8 on Sept 16th

By  at Wednesday, September 14, 2011  

Update 1: iOS 5 Final version has been released for Download and Jailbreak - Click Here

According to BGR -which has a good track on Apple iOS rumors- that iOS GM (Gold Master) will be released on September 23rd. Moreover BGR's sources are confirming that Apple will release iOS 5 beta 8 this Friday September 16th.

Time frame to follow as reported:
Apple will then request that carrier partners give technical acceptance to the Gold Master by October 5th if there are no issues with it. What’s not clear is what Apple will do if the Gold Master doesn’t pass technical acceptance for some reason, though odds are it will still be loaded on the iPhone 5 at launch with a software update made available almost immediately following the device’s release.
So most likely that will be the timeline:
  • iOS 5 beta 8 on Friday, September 16th
  • iOS 5 GM on Friday, September 23rd
  • iPhone 5 pre-orders on Friday, September 30th
  • iOS 5 public launch from October 5th to 7th
  • iPhone 5 launch on from October 7th to 14th

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