How To Install Windows 8 In A Virtual Machine at your Mac

By  at Sunday, September 18, 2011  

This topic will help you to run windows 8 on your Mac in a virtual machine in just 4 steps leading you to enjoy the new pretty operating system released by Microsoft taking you to a new era of operating systems.

Step 1 :  Download Windows 8 Developer edition
you can download windows 8 developer from here

Step 2 : Download VMware Fusion 4.0
Now you need a software to run the virtual machine , we will use VMware Fusion 4.0 as it’s completely compatible with OS X Lion and you can download a free trial version from here
Step 3 : Setup windows 8 virtual machine
After you have installed VMware and downloaded your windows 8 developer .iso file ,  now it is the time to install your windows 8 on the virtual machine using VMware . open VMware and make a new virtual machine. Click the ‘Continue without disc’ as you see in the next image , and then ‘Choose a disk or disk image…’.

Step 4 : setup your windows 8
now choose your windows 8 .iso file then click next . VMware will ask you to choose an operating system and windows 8 will not be in the choices so you will choose windows 7 then click continue , finally click finish in the next window

now wait until yor windows installation is finished , it wouldn't take a long time .

enjoy it now .

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