How To Fix iTunes Error 39 When Trying To Download Purchased Music (Windows)

By  at Friday, September 30, 2011  

In this article we will introduce how to fix ITunes error when you try to download purchased music if Web acceleration software is installed.We will give you some instructions to help you to overcome this error .
itunes 10.1
When you try to purchase music from the iTunes Store, an alert error message appears : "There was an error downloading your purchased music. An unknown error occurred (-39). Use the Check For Purchased Music command in the Advanced menu to try again later."
Try the following steps:
Download and install the latest version of iTunes for Windows.
Disable the Web accelerator software and restart the computer If you're not ready to update.
For example, to disable EarthLink Accelerator:

  1. Right-click the EarthLink Accelerator icon in the System Tray. 93432_1
  2. Choose Options From the shortcut menu.
  3. Choose the Advanced tab.
  4. Uncheck the Launch automatically box on Startup.
  5. Restart your computer.
  6. Open iTunes.
  7. Click iTunes Store in the Source list.
Note: you can disabled Web acceleration software in different ways.

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