iPod Touch 5 Won't Have Any Major Hardware Update

By  at Monday, September 12, 2011  

All rumors these days are focusing on Apple's upcoming iPhone. Many have forgotten that it was Apple's tradition to annually host a Music Event in September to release the new iPod lineup. While rumour has it that Apple has delayed its Music Event for iPhone 5 release, it turns out the the next iPod touch update won't have any major hardware updates at all.

There will be absolutely no changes to the hardware or design of the next iPod touch, it is being said. Apple will only release a white iPod touch. The process which will be used to color the iPod touch will be a lot different than that used to make the white iPhone 4, hence the white iPod touch will look different than it.

It can only be speculated as to how merely a new color will be helpful for Apple and its fifth generation iPod touch. Most people will definitely opt for black but there's a possibility that the white iPod touch can help sales as well.

On the other hand, it is being said that 2012 is the year in which Apple plans to bring a major update to the iPod touch. With new hardware and a new design, the iPod touch can very well be a best seller next year. Rumors also indicate the possibility of a 3G capable iPod touch.

So tell us, would you wait till 2012 for a new revamped iPod touch or are you happy with being able to buy one in white?

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