The Developer Of Facebook iPad App Quits And Leaves To Google

By  at Monday, September 26, 2011  

Facebook engineer Jeff Verkoeyen the developer of Facebook iPad App has quit to take a job at Google .This Sudden reversal from the recent type of employees moving the other way, leads Google to pay seven-figure bonuses to keep them around.


The question now is why Verkoeyen did so , The reason was in his blog that his departure is apparently his growing frustration with Facebook for not releasing the app, which he made a lot and a lot of work on the past few months.

Verkoeyen wrote on his blog today that he was the lead engineer on the Facebook iPad app back in January. He put a ton of time into the app.It was feature-complete back in May, he writes, but Facebook kept pushing its release out another two weeks, then another. (Feature-complete doesn't necessarily mean "finished," but it's usually the last stage before a public beta test).

The question now is for Facebook , why it didn’t release the application ? we may answer by that the App may not be ready or has some bugs or something like that . This answer doesn’t seem to be the case.Appadvice has suggested two possibilities to this question :

We assumed the app wasn’t ready, or that they were waiting to announce it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The two most likely explanations right now are that, one: Facebook is holding the app hostage due to their bad relationship with Apple (as a reminder, Apple is featuring Twitter in iOS 5, not Facebook, and had many problems with Facebook in the past, especially over Ping). Two: Facebook is waiting to develop its new HTML5 app platform before they release it.


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