BundleHunt: 11 Great Mac Apps & Design

By  at Monday, September 05, 2011  

It would be great to have access to some kind of deals for useful and well-designed Mac apps bundled with resources for web design, CSS, or even Photoshop.Now BundleHunt is offering a bundle of “11 Mac Apps + Design Goodies” at $49.99.
BundleHunt includes :

  • LaunchBar: Objective Development’s LaunchBar is the original application launcher for the Mac. LaunchBar is a very powerfull tool for controlling every aspect of your Mac, it’s perfect in letting you access applications, folders, contacts, bookmarks — you name it. Normally $35.
  • Color Schemer Studio 2: This app lets you build your own color schemes,so you can create and save palettes, and use the color wheel to check out harmonies between your color choices. Available on the Mac and Windows, it fully supports web (RGB) or print (CMYK) standards. Sold  for $49.99.
  • WriteRoom: A full-screen writing environment to give you full focus.Available for the Mac and iOS. Normally $25.00.
  • Divvy: This app enables you to manage your desktop and create as many shortcuts as you want. $14.00.
  • Tumult Hype:  Hype is helpful in designing beautifully animated websites that will work on desktop computers, iPhones, and iPads. Original price is $30.00.
  • Seamless Studio: A desktop app used in designing vector patterns for the web, print, fabric, or any other design project. Available for Mac and PC, regular price is $49.00.
  • Smashing Magazine: Ebooks from Smashing Magazine are available as PDF. Normally $30.00.
  • TN3 Gallery: A customizable image gallery with slideshow, transitions and multiple album options which enables to create web galleries that support CSS, XML, and Flickr. $37.00.
  • GeomIcons Full Icon Set: Brent Jackson designed a 315 royalty-free vector icons in EPS format . $16.00.
  • ThemeTrust: 3 WordPress themes licensed under GPL, with widgets support. $147.00.
  • XSlimmer:  Xslimmer can be used to right-size your Mac apps and remove binaries or other chunks of code your Mac won’t need, which enables apps to work faster. Normally sold for $15

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