Apple to Release Redesigned iPhone 5 And A Low Cost iPhone 4S

By  at Monday, September 26, 2011  

A Wall Street Journal Analyst expected that Apple decided to compete in the mid range smart phone market by releasing a low cost iPhone 4S , Furthermore it is  to release a completely redesigned Aluminum Unibody iPhone 5.according to AppleInsider.
The low end iPhone 4S is going to cost Apple about $150 according to Chris Whitmore, Deutsche Bank.This will enable Apple to sell it Unlocked in the range between $300 and $350. It is expected that Apple sales will be higher and will give apple the chance to compete in the mid range of smart phone market. According to Whitmore, He is expecting about 1 billion prepaid customers.
Whitmore expected that  the iPhone 4S will be basically be an 8GB iPod touch with cellular antenna. He says that, while iPhone 4S can achieve margins of around 50% if it was sold for more than $300,the current 8GB iPod touch has a 38% margins as it is sold for $229.
He also expects the iPhone 5 to have a complete new design with an Aluminum unibody with better camera and larger screen. Recent rumors suggest the iPhone 5 to have 8 Megapixel camera and a 4” display. Also earlier rumors suggested that Apple will use Aluminum instead of glass as it will make the device lighter.

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