Apple forecast to sell 143 Million iPhones and 68 Million iPads in 2013

By  at Wednesday, September 07, 2011  

On Wednesday, Piper Jaffray released their calendar year 2013 estimates for Apple, forecasting $164 billion in revenue with earnings of $40.50 per share, on sales of over 200 million iOS devices. Analyst Gene Munster estimates that Apple’s revenue could grow 19 percent in calendar year 2012 and 17 percent in

Munster sees Apple’s cash hoard may continue to grow over the next few years. At the end of 2013 it could reach $140 per share, compared to $81 per share in June. Acording to Pipper Jaffray’s estimates, iPhone will propel to continue Apple’s growth. In 2013, it will represent 49 percent of revenue. In their model, iPhone growth will go 30 percent to 29 percent in calendar 2012 and 2013 respectively.

While in 2013, its average selling price will decrease from $603 in 2012 to $565 in 2013. Munster wrote, ”One key topic on which we are different than consensus is that the iPhone unit growth can continue in the 30% range while ASP’s will be more than double the smartphone industry average.”

For iPad platform, Munster sees that in 2012, iPad’s sales will grow to 39 percent and 35 percent in 2013, while there would be a decrease of $575 to $555 in its average selling price. According to Munster forecasting, in 2013 Mac will earn 16 percent of Apple’s revenue with sales of 23 million Macs. Its average price will drop from $1,257 in 2012 to $1,175 in 2013.While in next two years growth rate will shrink from 17 percent to 15 percent.


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