Install Flash for iPhone 4, 3GS , iPod Touch 4G. 3G, iPad 2, 1 Soon

By  at Saturday, September 10, 2011  

For most iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users the web browsing experience is compromised due to the fact that mobile Safari on iOS devices does not have support for Flash based content. However now that is about to end as Adobe has finally released products that will allow publishers to deliver Flash based content to iOS devices.

Say hello to Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 and Adobe Flash Access 3.0 which were launched yesterday at the IBC show in Amsterdam. These new products from Adobe will now allow publishers to deliver their Flash based content on millions of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch units all around the world.

iOS devices haven't supported Flash straight out of the box because Apple always used to say that Flash is very buggy and that it compromises the battery timing of devices. Apple would obviously not want buggy software and compromised battery timing on its device so it has never added support for Flash on iOS devices.

Even with the launch of these new products, don't expect your iOS device to be 100% compatible with Flash content. You will only be able to view Flash based content of the publishers that use these new Adobe tools to deliver their content. It's not amazing but at least its a step in the right direction. Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 can be purchased for $4,500.

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