Next Generation iPhone To Release In October, No September iPhone 5 Release

By  at Monday, August 01, 2011  

According to an entirely new report that contradicts all previous ones we have covered up till now, it is being claimed that Apple intends to launch iPhone 5 in October, and not in September which has often been cited in recent reports from a variety of sources.

AllThingsD reports:
So those rumors claiming the iPhone 5 will debut in late September? They’re wrong.
Instead, it’s going to be an October surprise — the month in which Apple will be launching its next generation iPhone.
Sources with knowledge of the situation say reports claiming AT&T has blacked out employee vacations during the last two weeks of September in preparation for the retail debut of the next iPhone are misinformed.
“I don’t know why AT&T’s calling for all hands on deck those weeks, but it’s not for an iPhone launch,” a source familiar with Apple’s plans said.
So, when can we expect the company to uncrate the iPhone 5?
“October,” the source said, while declining to offer a hard launch date.
 We'll obviously have to wait for at least a month before Apple reveals the details about iPhone 5 release. However, in light of recent reports, it seems that Apple may not release the next generation iPhone in September after all. Previously, it was also speculated that October will bring the global launch of the iPhone 5 while the US will get it in September, now it seems on the contrary.

Let's just hope Apple goes public with the details regarding iPhone 5 release, soon.

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