iPhone Is Now The Most Preferred Smartphone Of Airline Travelers

By  at Monday, August 01, 2011  

There's no need to say any further that the iPhone is a phenomenal smartphone. People love it for various different reasons. However, according to a recent report, it turns out that the iPhone is the most preferred device of airline travelers, and there are stats to prove it.

The report indicates that around two-thirds of Gogo in-flight WiFi users have iPhones for inflight browsing. Around 20% of inflight WiFi usage is credited to the iPod touch, whereas only 12% Android smartphones are used for accessing inflight WiFi.

The inflight WiFi market is largely dominated by the iPhone and iPod touch. Other platforms such as Windows Phone, webOS etc don't even have enough share to their names just for getting a mention. Once enterprise dominant BlackBerry from RIM, only gets 6% share in total inflight WiFi usage.

It should also be kept in mind that these stats only concern the iPhone and iPod touch, not the iPad. A tablet does not fall in the smartphone category, but if you were to consider it, the iPad is used by one-third people accessing Gogo inflight WiFi using "large screens"

Well, it looks live even 30,000 feet in the air, the iPhone has no competitor.

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