iPad Head Girl Promotes Cosmo For Guys Magazine In NYC

By  at Tuesday, August 02, 2011  

The iPad is our favorite tablet, and its also a good tool for advertising your product. Cosmo for Guys magazine surrounded a girl's head with four iPads and then she walked around New York City. Basically, this was a campaign for the launch of this magazine.

Evidently, you can see that the four iPads are showing the girl's head from four different directions. Naturally, she's garnering a lot of attention that is exactly why this advertising campaign was launched, to get's peoples attention towards this new magazine.

The creative director of this campaign says:
The concept and analogy here is to show a guy 'getting inside a girl's head' and sort of 'reading her mind' by flipping through the magazine pages on the iPad. The reason for that is: it is the first magazine for men that is written by women, so for the first time women are letting guys in on what they think. Once the girl put on the 'iPad head', she was not able to see. And since she had to walk around the park, we had to figure out a way for her to see inside the iPad Head. So we hid a camera inside her purse that would feed live video into a pair of video glasses she was wearing inside the iPad Head. That allowed her to see where she was walking
The concept is amazing, have a look at the video for yourself:

You can get the Cosmo For Guys iPad magazine, here.

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