iPad 2 Now Ships Within 24 Hours From Apple U.S. Online Store

By  at Tuesday, August 02, 2011  

After five months since its release, Apple has now caught up with the supply of iPad 2. Now if you order an iPad 2 from the U.S. online store, it ships within 24 hours. Previously, it took Apple up to 3 weeks to ship your iPad 2.

Apple released the iPad 2 on March 2 and shipping started in the USA on March 11. The company was initially overwhelmed by the demand and soon there was a constraint between demand and supply.

A month back, explosion at iPad 2 manufacturing plant in China delayed production of about 500,000 iPad 2 units, further increasing the gap that existed in between the demand and supply of iPad 2.

Now, the Apple Online Store states iPad 2 shipping time to be “within 24 hours” This is a good change a many of us have also see Apple Retail Stores quoting as much as 4-5 weeks for delivery of the iPad 2. This is currently only for Apple U.S. Online Store and we're checking up with sources to see whether iPad 2 shipping times in other countries have also been reduced.

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