Have A Look Inside The Private Life Of Comex, iPad 2 Jailbreak Developer

By  at Monday, August 01, 2011  

The well known iPhone hackers and developers of today prefer not to put their personal information online. We know Saurik, p0sixninja, MuscleNerd and even Comex by their Twitter handles only. However now Comex has gone one step further in an interview with Forbes, in which he has given a rare look inside his personal and private life.

Many of us would be surprised to find out that Nicholas Allegra a.k.a Comex is just a 19 year old boy living with his parents in the small town of Chappaqua in New York. He studies at Brown University and his been on a leave since last winter and periodically works on his hobby which is finding exploits in the iOS platform. He's actually looking for an internship. For him, cracking Apple's software is like a piece of cake.
It feels like editing an English paper,” Allegra says simply, his voice croaking as if he just woke up, though we’re speaking at 9:30 pm. “You just go through and look for errors. I don’t know why I seem to be so effective at it.”
Generally, he prefers to be known as Comex, and not as Nicholas Allegra on the web. People who were relatively new to the jailbreaking scene know him and thank him for being the developer of JailbreakMe 3.0 that lets them effortlessly jailbreak iPad 2. If you've been in the jailbreaking scene for a while, you'll know that Comex has previously released PDF exploits as well for jailbreaking iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by simply going to www.jailbreakme.com.

Its astonishing to see a 19 year old boy being able to jailbreak the iPad 2, something which has taken the other developers months to work on, but with no avail. It must be noted that Comex taught himself to code in VB when he was just nine years old.

We all thank him for releasing iPad 2 jailbreak, and now its nice to have an insight on who Nicholas Allegra a.k.a Comex really is. Maybe Apple could give him an internship in their security team?


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