Use your camera as Wallpaper with Camera Wallpaper [App Of The Day]

An awesome tweak, that can make your iPhone look like a transparent one. This tweak is called Camera Wallpaper. The advantage of this tweak is that you can use your iPhone camera as your wallpaper.

The tweak can be activated when spring board is visible. If you will try to activate this tweak on lock screen it will display the following message.

When you unlock your iPhone and activate this tweak it will look like this.

By simply clicking on Camera Button you can start this tweak. And when you will touch the exit button, the interface of the tweak will disappear and you will be able to see the camera on behind the icons on your springboard. With the help of this tweak you can simply take pictures by touch the button Take pictures.

You can also change the transparency of camera as well as of icons according to your requirements by going into the settings of this tweak.

The other advantage of this tweak is that you can launch your camera app very quickly if you want it to take pictures immediately. This tweak can be easily found in Cydia under repository.

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