Save 4.3.4 SHSH Blobs - iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 4G, 3G, iPad 1, 2 with TinyUmbrella 5.00.05

TinyUmbrella updated to version 5.00.05 to support iOS 4.3.4 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This will help you to save SHSH certificates for iOS 4.3.4.

TinyUmbrella 5.00.05 is available for both Windows and Mac that can be easily downloaded from the below links.

As a reminder, to save your SHSH blobs, simply connect your iDevice via USB to your computer, launch TinyUmbrella, and click the “Save SHSH” button.

Download TinyUmbrella 5.00.05 for Mac
Download TinyUmbrella 5.00.05 for Windows

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