Run Multiple Copies Of Mac OS X Lion On One Mac Machine

By  at Sunday, July 03, 2011  

It was at WWDC 2011 that Apple previewed Mac OS X Lion, the eight major release ever since the first Mac operating system came out. Mac OS X Lion will bring an amazing set of features of all Mac users, and now we have discovered that Apple will allow you to run multiple copies of Mac OS X Lion on just one single computer.

Just recently, Apple released Mac OS X 10.6.8 which readies your Mac machine and the Mac App Store for Mac OS X Lion. However this discovery has been made in Mac OS X Lion GM seed which was releases alongside Xcode 4.1 Developer Preview 7 just yesterday.

Up till now, only Mac Servers had the ability to run multiple instances of Mac on one computer. The EULA or End User License Agreement that came with OS X Lion GM seed indicates that Apple is going to allow running of multiple instances of Lion on your computer.
(iii) to install, use and run up to two (2) additional copies or instances of the Apple Software within virtual operating system environments on each Mac Computer you own or control that is already running the Apple Software.
What's great about this is the fact that Mac users won't be required to purchase additional. licenses for running multiple copies of Mac. Look's like Lion is going to be a lot more fun then we expected!

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