Move Lockscreen to Unlock to Replace Slide To Unlock

Tired of unlocking you lock screen with “Slide To Unlock”? change is the need of the time, most of you will not like to slide to unlock your lock screen so that you can use your iPhone, iPad or iPod. “Move LockScreen To Unlock” is a Cydia tweak that enables you to change the way you unlock you iDevice lock screen. This tweak is useful for those who do not want to every time at the lock screen and then moving their in specific direction to unlock.

With this tweak you can enable unlocking lock screen in any direction without following any pattern as in the past. This tweak is useful and it should be installed in your iDevice to change the way you unlock your lock screen.

There is also option in this tweak that you can disable “Slide to Unlock ” message from your iPhone as I have done it on my iPhone. It depends on you how you like to keep your iPhone.

There are different options to unlock your iPhone with this tweak. The images shows the way to unlocking your lock screen with this tweak. You can unlock your lock screen by pinching it as well.

You can install this tweak from Cydia. This tweak is free, you can find this tweak under repository.

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