Microsoft To Update Office Suite For Mac OS X Lion

By  at Friday, July 29, 2011  

Microsoft has announced that they will soon be updating Office 2011 suite for Mac OS X Lion, adding support for versioning, auto save, and full-screen. There's a catch: It could take them well over a couple of months to release that update.

Mac OS X Lion is the eight major update to the Mac OS ever since it first released. Lion comes with over 200 new features and is available for download now, on supported Mac, via the Mac App Store.

The Microsoft team has answered some important questions in their blog post:
First, today we released an update to Communicator for Mac that fixes the "crash issue" on Lion. It will come through Microsoft AutoUpdate in the next day or so. Thanks for your patience on this.
Second, Office for Mac 2004 will not (ever) work on Lion, as we stated in our original blog. The reason for this is because Office 2004 was a PowerPC-based product and Lion no longer includes Rosetta. Now would be a great time to upgrade to Office for Mac 2011 if you're upgrading to Lion!
Finally, the most common question – yes, we are working hard with Apple to enable versioning, auto save, and full-screen for Office for Mac 2011. I know your next question will be "when?", and unfortunately I can't answer that – but it's likely measured in months not days – just to set expectations.
 As previously mentioned, Lion users would have to wait for a couple of months before the updated Office 2011 suite for Mac is released. We'd expect it to drop somewhere around November.

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