Man Tries Forcing Girlfriend To Eat iPhone, Gets Arrested

By  at Friday, July 22, 2011  

A Patent Attorney in New York has been arrested on charges of forcing his 23 year old girlfriend to eat his iPhone. The man in question here is 37 years old and seems to be a maniac.

Allow the New York Post to explain the incident in detail:
Brian Anscomb, 37, force-fed the gizmo to his 23-year-old gal pal in their York Avenue apartment early Saturday, bruising and cutting her mouth, court papers say. It wasn't his first phone flipout -- on July 10, he allegedly cracked her cellphone in half when she tried to call cops during a nasty squabble.
 It has also been reported in court documents that the man punched her in the eye when she was trying to make her escape. However, he couldn't evade the law and was arrested on Sunday. Nevertheless he has denied the allegations.

Seriously guys, we understand that arguing with your girlfriend is inevitable but trying to shove an iPhone, or any other item for that matter, down her throat is definitely not cool.

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