Jailbreak Lovers Ready to Attend MyGreatFest Event in London

It has become one of the most awaited event for most fervent who love jailbreaking, to attend the jailbreaking event MyGreatFest to be held in September in London. This event can be called as WWDC of the jailbreaking. In this event, there will be different presentations, question answer session, to get in conversation with great hackers and jailbreakers. This is not all, but you will also get the opportunity to have lunch with them in this event.

This mega jailbreaking conference is planed to be held on September 17th of this year at The Old Truman Brewer on Brick Lane in London. The arrangements for this event are going on. The tickets for the festival can be purchased, the price of ticket for children is $27 and for adults is $43. There are also other packages of the tickets like ticket for group admissions there is also VIP tickets that are especially for those persons who want to spend their time with the giant jailbreakers attending the festival.

The event is being organized by Craig Fox who has made some clear announcements about the major happenings in the event. The first one is that there is possibility that iOS5 will be jailbroken for the first time, unless Apple ships the new iPhone before 17th Sep. If it will be so then the viewer will be entertained with the jailbroken iPhone5. Fox believes that he is getting motivating response about this MyGreatfest. The other announcement that will be made on the event is the declaration of the dates of MyGreatFest that will be held in San Francisco in 2012.

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