iPod Touch 5G will Support 3G Data Services

If we talk about iPod Touch, it is not wrong to call it an iPhone without a phone in it. iPod has become one of the most selling device among kids and teens who use it for different purposes like listening to music, play games on it and socialize themselves with different social networking applications in it. They enjoy playing with their iPod most of the time. These features make it a huge invention but still it lacks in the department of connectivity. This device can be fully enjoyed where there is availability of wireless hotspot.

It is thought that the next iPod will only support 3G services that is only used for data traffic just as it is used in iPad 3G+Wifi version. This will not support voice calling over the network. This idea should not be taken as rumor because there is some sort of possibility in this. There may be a version of iPod Touch 3G+Wifi just like in iPad.

There is no bad in adding 3G support to the upcoming iPod Touch, but there is a questiona that if 3G is added to iPod touch then there will be even more traffic to be found on the carrier y the excessive use of Skype.

The addition of 3G support in iPod touch will surely make it more efficient device to be used by Apple lovers all around the world. This point can be easily clarified. It is normal that wireless hotspots cannot give you the coverage as much as your cellular company can provide you.

When you are away from wireless hotspot you can use your iPod Touch just for listening movies, watching movies or anything installed in it without upgrading your devices with new stuff. There are number of apps used in iOS that require internet connectivity. But if the cellular company enables you to access their 3G services then it will be your fully functioning device. It will be good for the carrier companies as well to sell their data packages to youngsters as well.

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