iPhone 4 and NASA going to Work Together in Space Today

iPhone is going on a long journey into Space Today. This decision is taken by the NASA, National Aeronautics Space Administration to take the best electronic device to be taken by the astronauts in space.

Out of millions of applications available on AppStore, there is also an application for iPhone that allows the use to explore the space just like the earth. the images in the application are provided by NASA for the application for free. The most successful and best Apple device will accompany NASA in its last mission “Space Shuttle Atlantis”.

This is the last mission planned by NASA for space shuttle that will be carrying 2 modified iPhone to be used for experimentation on ISS (International Space Station). The device is not like that we use on earth, while it is modified and will not feature any sort of communication. The other major change in this device will be that it will not be powered by the internal battery. There will be external power to be used in Orbit. The other important thing about this iPhone is that it is not jailbroken like to be used these days.

NASA did not clearly announced that iPhone is certified to be taken in space, the major change in this iPhone is that it is modified t be used in Zero Gravity.

The release note Says
"The device, due to the large base of developers, may also become a standard for astronauts on the International Space Station, with different applications to be used to perform experiments, collect pictures and communicate."
The main application that is installed in these iPhones is called iDevices SpaceLab. The purpose of this application is that it will not only help the astronauts in their mission, but also will keep them updated with their recent location in space. This application can be purchased from AppStore for $0.99.

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