iPhone 3GS Supply Falls As Discontinuation After iPhone 5 Release Imminent

By  at Sunday, July 31, 2011  

Some pretty solid reports have been suggesting that iPhone 3GS supply is being cut as an imminent discontinuation approaches following the next generation iPhone release this fall.

There has also been speculation that even after Apple releases the iPhone 5, its going to retain selling the iPhone 3GS, but would offer it on pay-as-you go basis rather than tying it with a two year contract on AT&T. Some sources however, claim of downright discontinuation of the iPhone 3GS right after the next generation iPhone is released.

Globally located sources claim that iPhone 3GS shipments are thinning out rapidly while Orange UK has informed its employees that the network has run out of all iPhone 3GS stock. At other carriers, the stock is unusually  low and that less shipments are expected to be received next month.

All of these signs evidently point to a fall iPhone 5 release. Right now, no definite date for iPhone 5 release is known, its expected to be in September. So once the next generation iPhone releases, you'd definitely want to buy it. Here's where to buy iPhone 5.

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