iPad HD Ready to Penetrate Market

A new iPad HD is going to hit the market with latest specs and features. Joshua Tapolksly, the former engadget crew states that this year will bring new version into the iPad family with latest device receiving the ‘iPad HD’ designation.

But the question is what's new in iPad HD?

This new iPad would have exciting screen with 2048×1536 resolution that is twice comparing to the current iPad model.
 “Our sources are saying that not only will there be a newly designed iPhone coming in the fall, but there is going to be a new entry into the iPad family as well. As hard as it might be to believe, the new tablet is said to sport a double resolution screen (2048 x 1536), and will be dubbed the “iPad HD.” The idea behind the product is apparently that it will be a “pro” device aimed at a higher end market — folks who work in video and photo production possibly — and will be introduced alongside something like an iPad version of Final Cut or Aperture. This product is specifically said to not be the iPad 3, rather a complimentary piece of the iPad 2 line. Think MacBook and MacBook Pro.”
The reports of new iPad HD have been whirling around worldwide before the proclamation of iPad 2. Many people are thinking that 2nd generation tablet would cover super-screen.

Most interesting thing is, the iPad HD would go on for sale alongside with current version of iPad 2, but this improved version of iPad will target the higher end of the market. It is also expected that video and image editing would be the major uses for such device.
What do you think ? will you buy this Latest one? Or get your hands stick with your current iPad versions?


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