iOS 5 Beta 3 Whats New - Change Log

Update 1: iOS 5 Final version has been released for Download and Jailbreak - Click Here

The new Beta version of iOS5 has been recently released for Developers by Apple. The final version of iOS will be released with the launch of new iPhone5 that is expected in September. Now we are going to demonstrate a number of new features that are introduced in iOS 5.0 Beta 3 firmware released today that is only for developers.

  • The new Beta version of firmware iOS5 is compatible with most of new iDevices like, iPhone 3GS and 4, iPod 3rd and 4th Gen and iPad 1st & 2nd Gen. these devices are now added to the list of 2nd generation Apple TV.
  • The new version of IMesage Beta3 is only for those who are running iOS 5 Beta 2 or iOS 5 beta 3.
  • There is a change like with the release of new version by Apple every time that you will new need to install iTunes 10.5 beta 3 to install firmware iOS5 Beta 3 to you iDevice.
  • The syncing of iPhone having iOS5 beta 3 is only possible with iTunes 10.5 Beta3.
  • There is a fix for Reminder App that had some bugs in using it.
  • Bugs to be found in Settings, MMs and Images in iOS 5 Beta 2 are resolved
  • It is easy to backup your data using iCloud.
  • There is draw back that MMS cannot send videos of longer length.
  • The editing function introduced in iOS5 that could remove red-eye deduction. The pictures edited with red-eye correction are synchronizing without changes applied.
  • There is a problem of synchronization. The solution is that you should restart you iPhone and resync.
  • The bug that did not allow the volume control to be used in videos is also fixed with the help of Cristian.
  • The new firmware is built A5259f
  • Fixed problems with video mirroring between 2 and Apple TV iPad
  • The icon of GPS on the status bar during the usage of Location service was resolved, a bug with twitter.·
  • The camera app was slow in older beta version that is now swift in opening and operations· Addition of a new screen about the information of usage of GPS by your iPhone.
  • A change after a long time in ringtones, two new tones were added that have been been activated yet named as Tweet and Sherwood
  • The performance of this beta version is much better than the previous beta version Beta2.
  • The icon for Reminder app has been changed.

  • New Menu settings "Location Settings". From here you can enable or disable some functions

  • There is option to disable the voice roaming voice traffic to avoid the usage of the service by provider for some occasions.
  • It is good that you can easily clear cache and history of Safari.
  • Another change is that “iTunes Wi-Fi Sync” has replaced “Wi-Fi Sync Settings”
  • No issue in using FaceTime
  • WiFi to Sync screen is more clear.

To make a comparison between you should read the features of iOS 5 beta 2 so that you are clear about the new changes made in iOS 5 Beta3.

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